The Matzbox – for everyone who values ​​sustainability and quality.

Sustainability is very important to us! With our robust toys, we guarantee resource-saving production and a long service life.

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We take sustainability very seriously!

The Matzbox is FSC®-certified

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The symbol for responsible forest management!


untreated wood


FSC® certified


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Sustainable toys are characterized by a holistic approach that not only takes ecological and environmental issues into account, but also includes economic and social factors. Environmentally friendly production is only one aspect of sustainable toys. Other aspects include the durability of the toy, the social conditions during production and the health-safety of the material. Toys can only be described as truly sustainable if all of these factors are met.

The Matzbox has now been at our kindergarten for two months. Its compact design makes it a good fit for us in the forest kindergarten, as it doesn't take up much space in the construction trailer. On the other hand, the variety of creative play options is enormous. The children use it independently for varied and persistent play and the Matzbox is very popular within the group.

Nicole Faißt - Head of Waldkindergarten Michelbach

What makes the Matzbox a sustainable toy:

The Matzbox is a sustainable toy that impresses with its environmentally friendly production, long lifespan, recyclability and multifunctionality. The production process uses the renewable raw material wood, which uses few resources and has a natural beauty without having to resort to varnishes and paints. The packaging is also environmentally friendly: a single-color printed, natural cardboard box made from 100% recycled material.

The long lifespan of the Matzbox is due to its robustness, repairability, timelessness and ability to be passed down through generations. If the Matzbox is no longer needed at some point, it is 100% biodegradable and can therefore be completely returned to the natural cycle.

In addition to its sustainability, the Matzbox also impresses with its multifunctionality. The simple toy offers numerous play, combination and application options and is therefore a companion that inspires children's imagination and promotes their creativity.

The Matzbox is also designed to be gender-neutral and inclusive, meaning that everyone can have fun and achieve success regardless of gender or background. All of these features make the Matzbox the ideal toy for parents who value sustainability, durability and multifunctionality.

A wooden construction kit with history and many stories that have already been experienced.

50 years of gaming experience

Our construction kit is not only high quality, but also extremely robust and durable. The Matzbox will bring you and your children joy for many years and can be passed on to future generations as a sustainable wooden toy full of beautiful memories.

Time passes, the Matzbox remains!

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Untreated, ecological wooden toys have many advantages over plastic-based toys. Unlike plastic, wood is obtained from sustainable sources and is biodegradable. Here are some of the advantages of untreated wooden toys:

  1. Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource and therefore much more environmentally friendly than plastic.
  2. Biodegradability: Wooden toys can biodegrade and are therefore a better choice for the environment.
  3. Durability: Wooden toys are generally more robust and durable than plastic toys.
  4. No harmful chemicals: No harmful chemicals such as phthalates, BPA or PVC are used in the production of wooden toys.
  5. Health: Untreated wooden toys are free from harmful substances and therefore healthier for children to play with.
  6. Sensory stimulation: Wooden toys have a natural feel and can stimulate children's sensory perception.
  7. Creativity: Wooden toys are often simpler and encourage children's creativity, imagination and fantasy.

Overall, untreated wooden toys offer many advantages over plastic toys and can be a more ecological and healthier choice for children.