Foto der beiden Matzbox Gründer - Die Architekten Katharina und Christoph Matz sitzen hinter ein paar Türmen aus Holzbausteinen der Matzbox



Architect and passionate toy tester

"I like simple and elegant objects and consider sustainability to be one of the most important issues of our time. With my memories of the wonderful experiences with the original Matzbox in my childhood, it gives me enormous joy to see that the Matzbox is used in so many different ways and is also so well received and appreciated in kindergartens."

Kinderfoto von Gründerin und Architektin Katharina Matz die glücklich in die Kamera lacht


Architect, wood mechanic and organizational talent

Sustainability, good design and high-quality workmanship were particularly important to me when making the Matzbox. It is a wonderful toy that gives children a lot of fun and promotes their creativity and dexterity."

A vision of creativity and sustainability

Our history

The revival of the Matzbox by Christoph Matz was
not just an act of nostalgic affection for a piece of his childhood,
but rather a conscious decision, inspired by the deep
Conviction in the power of creativity and the importance of sustainability.
Christoph saw in the original box that once inspired his childish imagination and
later became his children’s favorite toy, more than just a
Toy. He recognized an educational tool that could promote the development of
Creativity, problem-solving skills and fine motor skills in
children in a natural way.

ca. 50 Jahre altes Bild von Gründer Christoph Matz im alter von 3 Jahren der stolz neben seinem Turm aus der Ur-Box, dem Vorläufer der Matzbox, in die Kamera lacht

(Photo: Founder Christoph Matz with his original box)

The potential

By observing how his own children play with the building blocks
played and how these stimulated their imagination and creativity,
Christoph realized that the Matzbox had a potential that in the modern, often
digitalized gaming world was increasingly forgotten. The simple, yet
Deep interaction with the natural material wood and the unlimited possibilities offered by these versatile building blocks, without being restricted by predetermined rules or results, were qualities that he considered indispensable in today's world.

Values ​​and sustainability

In addition, the decision to produce the Matzbox as an FSC®-certified toy reflected Christoph's commitment to the environment and the future of our planet. In a world where sustainability and conscious consumption are becoming increasingly urgent, the Matzbox offered an opportunity.

The Matzbox is FSC®-certified

FSC_C130790_Logo_Die Matzbox ist FSC-zertifiziert_Logo für nachhaltige Forstwirtschaft

The symbol for responsible forest management!

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50 years of gaming experience

The Matzbox or Ur-Box has been delighting generations of children for over 50 years. This natural construction kit is not only high quality, but also extremely robust and durable.

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