Bild_ein älterer Mann baut konzentriert ein Baumuster nach - Foto aus der Matzbox Testung für eine erfolgreiche Biogafiearbeit bei Menschen mit Demenz in der Pflege

Matzbox – biography work and therapeutic dementia toys

The Matzbox not only lasts for generations, it is also suitable for people of all ages, whether 2 or 102.

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The memories of our beloved building blocks are deeply anchored in us.

Mrs. Thieme-Jäger - qualified social worker and dementia counselor

Awaken memories, strengthen identities and promote joy in life"

With the Matzbox to new shores - biographical work in nursing

2 Ältere Damen stehen sichtlich stolz vor einem nachgebauten Schloss und strecken lächelnd den gehobenen Daumen in die Kamera

Biography work: strengthening identity and quality of life

Using the Matzbox in biographical work offers an excellent opportunity to explore and appreciate the life stories of people with dementia. By remembering and telling stories together while playing, personal stories come to life and the identity of those affected is strengthened. This method of biographical work not only supports the individual confrontation with one's own past, but also improves the general well-being and quality of life of the elderly. By engaging with the Matzbox, people with dementia experience moments of recognition and happiness, which has a positive effect on their emotional and social well-being.

Man sieht wie eine ältere und faltige Hand feinfühlig einen Baustein platziert

The Matzbox: Bridging the gap between generations and memories

The Matzbox serves as a unique link that offers both young-at-heart seniors and people with dementia unforgettable moments of joy and shared experiences. This nostalgic toy, consisting of high-quality, natural wooden blocks, invites creative building and design. Thanks to its versatility, it not only supports fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but also mental activity and the perception of spatial relationships. At the same time, it awakens long-forgotten memories and encourages valuable conversations, making it an ideal tool for biographical work in care.

Ein ältere Herr baut gemeinsam mit eine Betreuerin ein Baumuster nach. Der ältere Mann schaut konzentriert auf die Bauanleitung.

Activation and promotion through creative activities

Supporting seniors and especially people with dementia requires creative approaches that address both the cognitive and physical levels. The Matzbox proves to be an effective tool that not only provides entertainment through its playful use, but also promotes cognitive and motor skills. Working with the wooden blocks stimulates the grey matter and helps maintain mental fitness. In addition, it enables meaningful leisure activities that enrich the everyday lives of people with dementia and gives them joy and fun in doing things together.

A wooden construction kit with history and many stories already experienced

50 years of gaming experience

The founder’s original box has been in regular use for 50 years

Our wooden building blocks are not only high quality, but also extremely robust and durable. The Matzbox will bring you and your children joy for many years and can be passed on to future generations as a natural building kit full of beautiful memories.

Time passes, the Matzbox remains!

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Discover the power of the Matzbox: More than just a toy

In a world that is constantly changing, the longing for connection, memory and joy remains constant - especially for our older loved ones and those living with the challenges of dementia. The Matzbox not only represents nostalgic moments and creative pursuits, but it is a key to unforgettable memories that touch the heart.

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Biography work with the Matzbox

A test report by qualified social worker and dementia consultant Ms. Thieme-Jäger



"The memories of games from the past are deeply anchored in us. The residents of our facility and the guests of the day care center "VerGissMeinNicht", all over 60 and with or without dementia, built many figures with great enthusiasm and high concentration during our game testing.

They feel very valued, good conversations about their own childhoods ensued and, at the same time, their grey matter was stimulated and their fine motor skills were trained. The Matzbox is therefore very suitable for activation and biographical work for the "young at heart" and special people. Thumbs up and 5 stars for these beautiful building blocks!”

Kerstin Thieme-Jäger

Graduate social worker and dementia counselor | Project management “WiB - We in Bodenheim” - Caritas Center St. Alban


Read the entire article about the Matzbox testing by social worker Ms. Thieme-Jäger here, or try out the Matzbox yourself.

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