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Award-winning wooden building blocks for creativity and endless free play.
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Unlimited fun and impressive successes
Creativity and free play


The Matzbox is a 36-piece FSC®-certified wooden construction kit made of high-quality pinewood boxes and solid wood parts made of dark walnut, which are stored compactly and space-savingly in the Matzbox. With the versatile and convertible boxes, this sustainable creative construction kit places its unique focus on promoting creativity and free play - the real keys to lasting fun that lasts for years.

Our awards

Our high-quality wooden construction kit has been awarded spiel gut and other important awards and quality seals for educationally valuable toys and movement toys.

Icon_weiss-gelb_Die Box macht den Unterschied. Ein Gelber Punkt der mal auf der Box mal in der Box und mal neben oder unter der Box liegt zeigt die Vielseitigkeit der Box.

Discover the unique play value of the Matzbox

The box makes the difference

"Eeny meeny meeny, it's rattling in the box" – The Matzbox offers incredible versatility when playing freely compared to conventional wooden blocks or building blocks. Each box has the potential to be more than just a building block. It becomes a secret hiding place, a robust container for treasures, or the foundation of impressive buildings. This versatility not only promotes creativity, but also spatial imagination and fine motor skills.

Many sites are more versatile!

Advantages of the box

Icoon_grün-gelb_Die Box macht den Unterschied - Icon zeigt symbolisch den Vorteil der von Boxen gegenüber einfacher Holzbausteinen. Es gibt eine Innen, Außen, Offen und Geschlossen




Spielerischer Mehrwert (innen, außen, offen, geschlossen)



Großes Bauvolumen kompakt verstaut



Schnell umgestalltbare Spielszenen



Extra große Bausteine für beeindruckende Bauerfolge


The box is great! It is used every day, is very stimulating for the children and putting it away is child's play.

Andrea Stengel - Head of the Maria Königin kindergarten in Mainz

We think the Matzbox is incredibly great. Congratulations on such a great product.

Maja Clark - enthusiastic customer

An intuitive toy with added value! The children tested the Matzbox intensively and found it to be “great”.

K. Schölzke - Head of the kindergarten Mäuseburg in Dolgesheim

We are delighted that we discovered these building blocks for children. The Matzbox has a wide range of uses in everyday life and can be combined very well with other materials.

Mrs Westermann - Head of the Piccolino kindergarten

The Matzbox has become my son's favorite toy. I've sorted out so many things, but it's a must-have.

Lena V. – Matzbox Tester

The magic of free play

The Matzbox is a popular kindergarten toy that guarantees hours of fun.

Our kindergarten wooden toys encourage free play, which holistically supports the emotional, linguistic, motor, social and cognitive development of your children. The Matzbox accompanies your child throughout his or her childhood and turns every game into a creative adventure.

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Known from



enthusiastic customers

... and happy builders

The Matzbox is fun for everyone

Fortified wooden knight's castle , intergalactic space station , spacious circus setting , beautiful farm , rustic castle , busy parking garage , romantic railway landscape , pretty nativity scene , historic bridge , shop chutes, ...

>>> Take a few building blocks and follow your imagination. <<<

Foto von 3 Baumustern - Ritterburg - Schloss - Tempel aus Holz

50 years of gaming experience

The company founder’s original box has been proving its worth in use for half a century!

Our wooden building blocks are not only high quality, but also extremely robust and durable. The Matzbox will bring you and your children joy for many years and can be passed on to future generations as a natural wooden toy full of beautiful memories.

Time passes, the Matzbox remains!

Original Box



Customer testimonials


55 years ago, our older daughter received a box like this. Over the years, it has been played with by our three children, their friends, ten grandchildren and now their small children. They built doll's houses, garages, forts, towers etc. whatever was current. The best toy!


Buyer and original box owner


I put the box in the building corner without saying anything, and over time it found more and more imaginative uses . The children love it and use it for building, role-playing with vehicles, as a dollhouse, etc.

Jaffar Hussain-Sinsig

Deputy Head - kindergarten Wichtelburg


So far we have used the Matzbox primarily in the U3 area and this age group is very enthusiastic about the versatility and possibilities of the box. The material is sensational, it smells good, feels good and I think it tastes good too😊

Mrs Ressel

Management of the St. Georg daycare center in Munich

Lights, camera, action!

The Matzbox in action

Designfoto_Schöne helle WOhnung mit Designermöbeln und auf dem Boden ist eine aufgebaute Spiellandschaft aus der Matzbox mit vielen verschiedenen Tieren die in oder auf den Bausteine sitzen.

Designer toys

The eye plays along!

The timeless and elegant Bauhaus toy that not only stimulates your children's imagination, but also shines as a stylish decorative piece in your home. The clear and simple design of the Matzbox with its natural contrast between light pine wood and dark walnut wood makes it a real eye-catcher. Let your children's creativity run wild and at the same time create a stylish atmosphere in your home.

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Sustainability, therapy and memory

Discover the versatility of the Matzbox

Durable and sustainable toys

Discover the world of sustainable toys with the FSC®-certified Matzbox. Our commitment to environmental protection and high-quality, long-lasting design makes these organic toys the ideal companion for conscious families. From the cultivation of the raw materials to the packaging, we focus on sustainability and create toys that will last for generations. Let your child grow with a toy that not only promotes creativity, but also respect for nature. Matzbox - grow naturally with wood!

Educational toys and motor skills toys

Playful development and therapeutic support. The Matzbox, an innovative educational toy, offers a wide range of opportunities for the development of motor skills, cognition and social skills for children of all ages and abilities. With robust building blocks and an inclusive design, it promotes fine motor skills in a playful way, supports cognitive processes and facilitates social integration. Our high-quality wooden building blocks are not just a toy, but a valuable therapeutic material for holistic development.

Biography work and dementia toys

Our excellent wooden building blocks open up new horizons in activation and biography work for older people, including people with dementia. Revive memories, strengthen cognitive skills and encourage valuable conversations about times gone by. Discover the captivating effect of the Matzbox now and enrich the lives of your loved ones with shared, unforgettable experiences.

Foto der beiden Matzbox Gründer - Die Architekten Katharina und Christoph Matz sitzen hinter ein paar Türmen aus Holzbausteinen der Matzbox

The Matzbox makers

The architects Katharina and Christoph Matz founded their company to produce high-quality and sustainable products. With their versatile wooden building blocks, they follow the Montessori and Waldorf approach for a supportive environment. The most important thing is that the toys provide long-lasting joy, inspire the imagination and can be incorporated into children's creative games in a variety of ways. They train fine motor skills, promote concentration and strengthen self-confidence.

3D construction kit

No matter whether it’s a wooden robot or a knight’s castle.

Choose a model and discover what can be created from our natural wooden building blocks.

The yellow AR button beams the Matzbox to your home! Place a tall stacking tower or a knight's castle made of wood in the children's room and be amazed at the impressive structures that emerge from our sustainable building blocks. (AR function is not available on all devices)

Bild das die Funktionalität des AR-Buttons bei PCs erklärt. Aus das Symbol tippen dann erscheint ein QR-Code. Den mit dem Handy scannen und schon kannst du dein Wunschmodell (Auswahl 1 von 10) zu Hause platzieren. Bild das die Funktionalität des AR-Buttons bei mobilen Endgeräten erklärt. Aus das Symbol tippen und schon kannst du dein Wunschmodell (Auswahl 1 von 10) zu Hause platzieren
Die Matzbox aufgeräumt als isometrisches Foto mit dem schön sichtbaren natürlichem Kontrast zwischen dem hellen Kiefernholz und dem dunklen Walnussholz

Just the one!

No frills here!

One design, two contrasting untreated wood types and countless play options. The versatile Matzbox that will bring joy for generations!

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