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Our awards in detail

Anyone can have a great idea, but to have it confirmed several times that we have created something very special is a great recognition and appreciation for us. We are proud that the Matzbox has received 3 of the most important awards and quality seals.

spiel gut logo-Die Matzbox ist spiel gut ausgezeichnet

spiel gut e.V.

The “spiel gut” seal is one of the most important and prestigious awards for good and educationally valuable children’s toys in Germany.

This is important to play well

Good toys support children's development by stimulating their imagination instead of restricting it, by not disappointing expectations, and by offering varied and continuous play opportunities. Good toys are also environmentally friendly, safe, and their durability and lifespan are appropriate for the purpose of the game. Toys awarded Spiel gut meet these and other criteria.

With spiel gut parents have an easy choice

For six decades, spiel gut has been providing advice on buying toys. And for just as long, its orange seal has been helping parents to make decisions in the huge toy market to find the right thing for their child. Toys awarded spiel gut have been tried and tested by children and found to be particularly suitable by experts.

Meaning and criteria

The game good seal

was founded in 1954 by a working committee of practitioners and scientists from medicine, natural sciences, psychology, education, art and architecture. Their aim was to show toy manufacturers what is meant by good toys from a scientific and artistic perspective. Today, the Spiel gut seal is one of the most important and prestigious awards for good and educationally valuable toys in Germany.

The assessment of the toys

is based on considerations and backgrounds that form the framework. Feedback from practical testing with children in families or daycare centers also flows into the overall result. If the final result is: "Tested by children and approved by experts," the toy is awarded the orange Spiel gut seal.

The criteria,

The criteria used to assess toys include whether they are suitable for the recommended age group and whether they meet the needs of children in every respect. It is equally important whether the toy encourages or restricts imagination and creativity. Toys should also address age-appropriate life experiences and offer diverse and ongoing play opportunities. In addition, the design, color and shape of the toy, the size and weight, as well as the number and quantity of toys and their construction and mechanics are taken into account. The durability and lifespan of the toy, as well as its safety and environmental compatibility, are also assessed.

The Matzbox and spiel gut

The Matzbox meets these criteria to a high degree. It is suitable for children aged 2 and over and encourages imagination and creativity through the endless combination possibilities of the untreated wooden blocks. The Matzbox is based on age-appropriate theme worlds and offers diverse and ongoing play options. The design, color and shape of the Matzbox is simple and aesthetic, while the size and weight of the blocks are easy for children to handle. The Matzbox is durable and environmentally friendly and meets the highest safety standards.

BAG Logo _ Auszeichnung für besonders entwicklungsförderndes Spielzeug

Federal Association for Posture and Movement Promotion (BAG)

The Federal Association for Posture and Movement Promotion (BAG) launched the quality seal in 2008 in cooperation with the “Active School – Healthy School” initiative in Lower Saxony.

The quality seal

The quality seal "particularly development-promoting" aims to meaningfully support the sensitive and critical maturation processes of children through stimulating, motivating and sustainable exercise opportunities. It is also intended to raise awareness in society that children's healthy and natural need for exercise is interrelated with their mental, psychological and social development. Thus, especially in times of increasing physical inactivity, it is essential for children to fall back on "movement qualities" appropriate to their development, which they can live out in complex everyday activities. In accordance with the principle of "enabling rather than hindering", the quality seal pursues the idea of ​​all adolescents participating in exercise and play situations.

The quality seal “particularly development-promoting” is intended to make it transparent to the end consumer that these are exposed offers that meet the movement needs of a developing adolescent to a high degree.

The criteria

When evaluating the submitted products/concepts, the focus is on their development-stimulating effect. The child is a creative, complex, adaptable, self-organizing individual. The focus of their actions is the need for movement, the motivating movement problem. Therefore, children need play and movement stimuli that are highly stimulating and give them time and opportunity for experiments and their own activities.

The evaluation takes into account, among others, the following aspects:

• Conceptual basic idea and implementation
• Motor skills profile and learning opportunities
• Game idea, play value and sustainability
• Design and security
• Self-activity

The practical application by the children is the focus of the assessment.

Logo_bewegte Innovation_Die Matzbox trägt auch diese Auszeichnung

Institute for Movement Education and Movement Research

Quality seal for determining the movement, learning and play value in order to offer users a manageable and accurate orientation for selection, purchase and application.

Tasks & Goals

Your focus is on the classic understanding of your work. You create, organize and transfer knowledge on the subject of movement, whereby you are interested in the different meanings and effects of human movement, including education and upbringing, development and growing up, health, training, wellness and fitness, society, togetherness and culture, as well as well-being and quality of life. In addition to research, the discourse and practical application of knowledge are also of great importance to you. You use theoretical, empirical, experience- and practice-related knowledge to optimize and develop the various dimensions of "movement". In doing so, you work in the context of reflected and ethically sound application research, taking into account moral and ethical maxims and the wholeness of the human being, in order to improve proven ideas, products and concepts and to develop new ones.